Tuesday, November 13, 2012

TEA at Claremont

In my earlier post "CGU Faculty Retreat", I focused on the first of the suggested technology 'opportunities' I provided faculty at the Fall Retreat - blogging. In this post, I will provide information on another suggestion - Google+ Circles - and the Claremont TEA Program. OIT was asked to participate by providing the technology portion of the curriculum to the international students who would be taking part in the program. As a result, Carlos Miranda, User Services Manager, and I were co-presenters for five weeks.

In the first session, students were asked to create gmail addresses then I added them to a class Google+ Circle that I had created. Our 'Circle' would provide a private web-based location for sharing and collaborating - a 'virtual' classroom. Circles are tightly integrated with Google Drive for file sharing, Google Docs for document creation, and Google+ Hangouts for webconferencing. This proved highly successful! Throughout the five weeks, students enjoyed collaborating, connecting, and communicating within their Circle. Even better, now that they have returned to their home countries all over the world they continue to stay 'connected' and keep in touch!

If you would like to know more about the power of Google+ Circles, please feel free to contact me: carleen.shaffer@cgu.edu.


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