Monday, February 24, 2014

Cell Phone Storage Comparison

Here is an interesting info-graph about the amount of free storage space available on smartphones today :

Most probably, we can easily add another 64GB. That's usually what most smartphones are capable of supporting right now with adding an additional memory card.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Online Storage Services: What to Look For

Online Storage Services:
What to Look For

While all the services in our lineup provide the same rudimentary functionality of data storage, they can vary greatly when it comes to features, accessibility and support options. Understanding the offerings of an online storage service is crucial to ensure you opt for a service that provides the functionality and usability you’re seeking. Whether you are a consumer or small business user, these are the features you should look for in an online backup storage service.

Storage Space

One of the most important things to consider when researching online document storage services is the allotted storage space. The best cloud services are those that provide unlimited storage for a flat monthly fee. This means you can store as many files as you want without the service ever capping your limit. If storage space isn’t your top priority, opt for an online data storage service that delivers a low cost per gigabyte.


Online storage backup services should provide practical features that make uploading and sharing your files easy and convenient. For instance, the service should provide folder sharing, offline syncing and file versioning in case you lose the most recent version of a stored file. Additionally, there should be backup options so files are automatically updated whenever you make changes, and you should have the ability to restore any file you delete from your account.

File Access & Support

Online storage services should allow you to store any digital file, regardless of type. They should also provide widespread accessibility to those files. This means you should be able to upload and access your data from several devices, including multiple computers and various mobile devices. Any service you are considering should also provide access to your account from any web browser, as well as a desktop app that allows you to easily drag and drop files or folders to sync to your online account.

Ease of Use

Look for online storage services that are powerful yet simple enough for the average consumer to understand and use. A clean, intuitive account interface fosters easy navigation. Uploading files and software installation, if required, should be straightforward. A good online storage service will allow you to begin uploading files to your account within a few minutes.

Help & Support 

Even the most user-friendly online storage services should be supplemented with useful help and support options. Troubleshooting and technical resources should be available, including video tutorials and a comprehensive knowledge base. Direct customer support should also be offered via telephone, email or live chat.

Cloud Storage Comparison

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

4 Shortcut Keys to Speed Up Productivity

best shortcut keys
If you want to be more productive (or teach your team how to be more productive), learning shortcut keys is crucial. Here are some shortcut keys that you should know. 

Saving a File

Instead of reaching for your mouse, heading up to the menu bar to hit 'Edit,' and then 'Save,' simply use the Ctrl+S keys to save a file. Done in under ten seconds.

Copying a File

Here's a simple way to copy a file: Ctrl+C
If you want to 'copy all,' try Ctrl+A

Cutting a File

Need to cut something to paste is somewhere else? Try Ctrl+X.

Undo a Mistake

Messed up? You can undo a mistake by selecting the Ctrl+Z keys. You can also try Ctrl+Y, which will sometimes get rid of that mistake that you made with Ctrl+Z doesn't work. 

Why Bother With Shortcuts?

The great thing about typing is that your brain will remember the keystrokes you use regularly. So make a really good habit of using shortcut keys to reduce time and gain speed, and your brain will soon remember those shortcuts without the need to look around for the keys. 

A lot of people spend thousands of dollars boosting a system's capacity, which can help, when simple things like shortcut keys make the biggest difference. If you are a writer or spend a lot of time type, shortcut keys will make all the difference. 

Other Helpful Tools

There's one particularly helpful tool out there called 'AutoHotKey.' As the name suggests, this tool makes hotkeys out of everything. To understand this concept better, think about the automated hotkeys you use with your smartphone. Have you set your phone up to turn 'FYI' into 'For Your Information' quickly when you type FYI? 

Those are the kinds of hotkeys that AutoHotKey will create for you. You can also customize your hotkeys, so that you can grab what you want to whenever you want to. Using shortcut keys and hotkeys will mean a much faster work week, days that are more productive, and time that flies really quickly. Doesn't that sound nice? 

On Mac Too

You can use most of the same shortcut keys with your PC and your Mac. So, if you switch from a PC to a Mac or back again, you can still use the same keys. It takes about one month to really learn how to use shortcut keys, so give it a try for that period of time. After that, you should be able to use those keys quickly, and your workday should be a lot more efficient. 

Need help with shortcut keys? Just ask! Or, do you have any shortcut key tips that might work better? How do you feel about using these keys to increase productivity? If you have any additional tips, let me know - and let the people reading this know too! Sometimes, learning from others is the best way to get things done (and understood!). Now, get shortcutting!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Use Malwarebytes' Anti-Virus App for Android

As platforms become more popular, they also become more susceptible to more malware and spyware. This is because malware and spyware programmers look to reach the most possible users to gain maximum profit from their harmful apps. Luckily Malwarebytes, makers the popular and useful Windows malware scanner, have an app for the Android platform. Linked below is a guide to using Malwarebytes for the Android.

How to Use Malwarebytes' Anti-Virus App for Android

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mobile Security Best Practices

Mobile Security Best Practices

Mobile devices are quickly surpassing traditional computers for more and more of our needs.  As these functions evolve and expand, and we use our wireless tools to access more information, the security risks multiply.

With the rapid proliferation of mobile devices not slowing down, malware infections are on the rise, growing 163% in 2012. Just like the golden days of the internet, hackers are more than happy to take advantage of this vast new crop of unprotected devices.

But it’s not only hackers we need to guard against. We need to make sure other scenarios are covered, such as: What happens when my phone is lost or stolen? Or, How do I prevent a data breach? And, How can I manage all this stuff?  So with all this in mind, let’s go down the list:


 How many of us just slide a finger to the right to unlock our devices?  I’m betting more than half.  Whether you choose a secure pattern, a pin or password, your fingerprint, or your face, make sure you are the only person who can get past your lock screen.  This is the first line of defense when your phone ends up in someone else’s hands.

 Remote Location & Wiping

When a device is lost or stolen, swift action is a must. Sure, using GPS to track down a thief is enticing, but the main focus should be to keep data secure by locking and/or wiping. Apple iPhone lets you use iCloud & Android uses the Google Sync for remote wiping. There are plenty of good stand-alone apps that do a great job with this too. 

 Bluetooth & NFC 

Turn them off. Unless using a headset or sharing a photo with a friend, these tools are open doors into your devices. Both are hackable with the right tools, and can present real security risks.  Viruses have been found that spread from phone to phone via Bluetooth. So, keep them disabled when not in use, and if your device supports hidden mode, use that too.

We’ve only skimmed the surface here, but the criteria covered above should serve as a solid starting point to develop a secured mobile device or tablet.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

iPad Air coming November 1st

The iPad Air is a thinner and lighter iPad, weighing only 1 pound. This is the fifth generation iPad with a 9.7 inch display. The pricing starts at $499 for a 16GB version with WiFi. More details are available here.