Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fall Faculty Retreat Part III

My past two blog posts highlighted two suggested technology opportunities included in the Fall Faculty Retreat for consideration: Blogging to support reflective learning and using Google+ Circles to enhance the development of the teaching and learning community. This blog will provide resources that were provided for consideration of the Flipped Classroom. If you are new to this idea, please review "What is Flipping the Classroom and Who Is Doing It"?

There are many strategies for Flipped Classroom, but perhaps the most common is to have students read and review resources, online lectures, and videos in preparation for classroom assignments, team-based projects and/or discussions. By doing this, more time is provided for interaction and addressing problems and issues for individual students. Using videos from Ted-Ed or Khan Academy may provide useful content- or you might consider recording your lecture! (Please contact OIT for further information).

Team Based Learning is a strategy that aligns with the Flipped Classroom approach. Review "The Essential Elements of Team-Based Learning" for ideas and methodologies.

Academic Computing support is available for all faculty to assist in utilizing these technologies to engage students. Please contact me for further information:


Note: Additional Educause article for consideration regarding screencasting and Flipped Classrooms "Screencasting to Engage Learners"

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