Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Do you use any of the passwords on this list or something similar? Do you vary your passwords between accounts such as CGU, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc? Does your account include an upper case & a lower case letter, a number, and special character? If you said yes to the first question or no to the others, then you are not protecting yourself as best as you can.

Everyday, people's accounts are compromised. While most of the time, this is only to the dismay of the indivdiual and their friends by the hacker's posting inappropriate comments on their Facebook or other similar service, a lot of times this can be much more serious. It can lead to identity theft which can have financial, social and personal ramifications far beyond an inappropriate post on Facebook or Twitter or spamming your coworkers with email.

Please read this page and think about improving your password complexity and variations to better protect yourself, your peers and your friends/family.

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