Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Turn On or Off Cached Exchange Mode

How to Turn On or Off Cached Exchange Mode

Occasionally, you may find that the syncing of email and Global address book (GAL) on your cell phone or computer is not 'up to date' when viewed in Outlook. This is due to Outlook storing or 'caching' a copy of the address book and email on your computer.

To force a refresh, follow the instructions below:

1. Open Outlook and click on the [Files] tab

2. The Account Information screen opens. Click on the Account Settings icon and select [Account settings...] from the drop down menu

3. The Email Accounts screen opens, select the appropriate account and then click on the Change button:

4. The Server Settings screen is displayed. Under the sever name field there is a checkbox entitled Use Cached Exchange Mode. Uncheck this box to force address book and email synchronization with the server. Then click on Next button.

5. An alert message appears informing you that the change will not come into effect until you have restarted Outlook. Click OK to continue.

6. The Congratulations screen appears. To close the wizard click on the Finish button

7. You will return to the Email Accounts screen, Click Close to exit

8. Restart Outlook to complete the process. On restart you may find Outlook is slow to open up. This is due to the cache being switched off and is expected.

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