Thursday, July 30, 2015

Windows 10 Upgrade Alert

                   Windows 10 Upgrade Alert
Microsoft is releasing the new Windows 10 operating system July 29, 2015.  
Unlike previous Windows releases, it is free and can be downloaded similar to a Windows Update.

Do NOT install or upgrade any CGU owned computer to Windows 10. 
Some programs used by CGU are not currently compatible with Windows 10. If a computer is upgraded to Windows 10, the OIT Department will need to reformat the hard drive in order to reinstall Windows 7/8 and all data will be lost.
If you receive a prompt to install or register the Windows 10 Upgrade, click Cancel or Close the window.

For more information, please contact the Office of Information Technology
* Claremont Graduate University* 130 E. 9th St. ACB 303 Claremont, CA 91711 *
Tel:  909-621-8174 * Fax: 909-607-1927 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Watch Out!

APPLE’S BIG EVENT: New MacBooks, Apple Watch, Cheaper Apple TV and HBO Now
Apple Watch Gallery

A very long six months have since passed and today is finally the day when Apple launches its first-ever wearable device. The Apple Spring Forward Event took place on Monday, March 9. The event was streamed live for all those unable to attend but in typical Apple fashion it could only be viewed with Safari on iOS or OS X. 
Apple is boasting its newest MacBook is the thinnest ever. It certainly looked paper thin in the hands of Apple CEO Tim Cook as he revealed it on stage. Weighing in at around 2 pounds and measuring 13.1 mm thick, Apple claims it’s 24 percent thinner than MacBook Air. 
The new Apple Watch also took center stage at the event. Apple showed off some of the impressive features customers can look forward to using on their new smart watch. These included the ability to receive notifications and use a wide variety of apps. Customers will be able to not only see incoming calls but also answer them from their watch.

The new MacBook will start at $1,299 for a configuration with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. They’ll be available in silver, space grey, and gold, and will start shipping April 10th. Preorders for the Apple Watch are going to begin April 10 as well. The watches will be available April 24. Pricing on the Apple Watch will vary significantly.

Here’s a quick breakdown (price ranges depend on accompanying band):
  • Apple Watch Sport Edition: $349 (38mm); $499 (42mm)
  • Apple Watch: $549-$1049 (38mm); $599-$1099 (42mm)
  • Apple Watch Edition: $10,000 and up (and up, and up)

It offers some clever messaging and communication tools, like letting you share a drawing on your display with a fellow Apple Watch wearer in real time. It includes health monitoring tools, like an accelerometer and heart rate monitor, and will help keep track of your fitness goals and nag you when you’re not meeting them. It plays nice with Siri and Apple Pay. You can use it for phone calls, even though if you have any common decency you probably shouldn’t. All pretty familiar!

For more details from the announcement and view the entire event , you can watch it at: APPLE EVENT - MARCH 9, 2015