Thursday, November 3, 2011

CGU WiFi Upgrade:

Tired of spotty wireless coverage on campus and of having to login each time your device goes into standby or when you arrive on campus?

You may have noticed a new wireless network being broadcast on campus--Claremont-WPA. This summer we installed over 130 Cisco 802.11a/g/n access points in all CGU buildings and many outdoor areas with the latest wireless technology and WPA2 encryption to increase security for mobile users. Claremont-WPA is the preferred wireless network for CGU students, faculty and staff.  Another benefit of the new Claremont-WPA wireless network, is that once you register your device you will only need to log in again when your password expires.

For more information on how to connect to the new wireless network please visit: If you suspect an area still needs more wireless coverage, please email with the location.

Please note: Claremont-WPA is also broadcast at Honnold Library and at the other 5C campuses so you can have the same auto-connect functionality at those locations. If you experience wireless issues when visiting other campuses, please contact the respective campus IT department to report the problem.

Campus Wireless Coverage

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