Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blogs as a Collaborative Tool

The OIT October webinar focused upon blogs and wikis as cloud technologies. For those who could not attend, the recording is located on the OIT Academic Professional Development Opportunities page. In the blogging portion of this presentation, we suggested several ideas for using blogs as both a professional development tool by following experts and organizations in your field as well as a collaborative classroom tool with students. We also described how OIT is using CGU Tech Buzz for "tech news, alerts, opportunities and recommendations". As a graduate institution, using a variety of strategies to focus and model the development of writing skills is yet another reason to encourage blogging as a collaborative tool inside and outside the classroom.

This morning, my alma mater's Facebook page (the University of Illinois Urbana Campus) noted a 'refresh' on the website that included a new blog created by the Chancellor. This provides yet another excellent example of how blogs are used in higher ed - as collaborative communication tools in the broader academic community. As noted by Chancellor Wise, her blog is an opportunity to gather feedback and thoughts from U of I faculty, staff and students about what the campus does well and what it could do better.

There are so many ways blogs can be used effectively and strategically to connect, collaborative, communicate and co-create knowledge. Please consider how you might use them to enhance your teaching, collaboration, and communication! For assistance with creating your blog, please email CGU.Learning@cgu.edu.

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