Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blogs as Reflective Learning Journals

Blogs have long been utilized by businesses, experts, politicians, and organizations to provide information, updates and opinions on a variety of topics. Creating and maintaining a blog has become increasingly easy with the use of Blogger (as used here) and Wordpress

Reflective journals have traditionally been a valuable teaching tool for students to think about the content and learning that has taken place and how it can be applied. These journals were often paper-based. However, with tools like Blogger and Wordpress, Learning Journals can easily be maintained online and shared as required. 

I currently teach an online Masters' level course for a Graduate School of Management in the Midwest. My students are required to write a weekly blog post as a Reflective Learning Journal. I have found this strategy has been invaluable for feedback and input from my students. The favorite part of my week is reading my students' journals! For more guidance regarding the use of blogs as reflective learning journals, review this article: Application of Blogs to Support Reflective Learning Journals.

Finally - and personally - if you have a 'passion' or a cause, a blog can provide a wonderful opportunity to 'get the word out'. Soon after the birth of my great-nephew and the discovery that he was a Downs Syndrome baby, my niece started maintaining a blog as a means of reflection and education for others about this condition. An Unexpected Journey chronicles their family experience.

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