Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Top 5 things to consider when buying a smartphone

#1 Your phone provider – If you don’t plan on switching phone providers, make sure you look at the phones that your carrier only supports. There are a lot of smart phones out there that don’t work with certain providers.

#2 The data plan – Smart phones are a little more than your usually mobile phone. The reason this is because you’re going to have to add on a data plan. Make sure you compare prices to other mobile carriers to ensure you’re getting the best price. How much data you will use is another consideration.

#3 The battery life – You can get a lot of reviews online and while the manufacture will generally tell you how long the battery is going to last, you may want to get an opinion from actual users. You don’t want a phone that is only going to last a few hours.

#4 The operating system – In today’s day and age, all smart phones have different based operating systems. Whether you’re using an Apple, Android, or BlackBerry you will want to know what each operating system can do for you.

Also go into a Cellular/Electronic store and spend some time trying some of these devices before buying one.

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